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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I am interested in your services?
You can call us direct at 310.475.5779 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to request a free consultation to meet at our office and discuss how we can be of service. If you are interested in our property management or brokerage services, we will schedule a time for us to walk your property with you and provide you with a free market analysis report.

How do I start your full management service?

We will draft a Property Management Agreement for your review and approval. Upon signing the Property Management Agreement, we immediately begin managing and marketing your property.

When does your management fee begin if my property is vacant?
Our management fee does not start until a tenant is secured.

Can you help me if I decide to sell my property?

Absolutely! Not only does our firm specialize in property management, be we also specialize in real estate investing and brokerage.

What is the length of the Property Management Agreement I must sign and how can I terminate the agreement?
All Property Management Agreements are one-year contracts and can be cancelled with a thirty day notice.

How is the management fee paid?

The management fee is paid every month from the rent payment.

How is the leasing fee paid?
The leasing fees are paid with the move in monies paid by the tenant.

How much money is paid to me every month and in what manner?
The total rent collected from the tenant(s) are deposited into a trust account.  Our management fee and your specified bills are paid from the total rent collected.  The remaining balance is mailed to you directly or deposited into your bank account

When can I expect my monthly payment?

We send/deposit your money on or before the 15th of every month. The rent is due on the first and the tenants have a grace period. The law requires us to wait until the checks clear, which takes approximately 7-10 days.

Who pays for the maintenance of my property?

The property owner is responsible for all maintenance and improvement costs related to their property. However, our office can manage all maintenance activities of your property.

What happens if my tenant does not pay rent?
The tenant is served with a three day notice to ‘pay or quit’.  We then either collect the rent plus a late fee or start unlawful detainer proceedings.  Our office can manage the entire process.

Who pays the eviction legal fees?
Though we manage the eviction process, the property owner is responsible for paying all legal fees.

Can I use my own vendors?
Though we have great relationships with a variety of vendors, we are capable of working with any of our client’s vendors and will monitor their work throughout the process.

What is included in the leasing fee?
Leasing fees cover your account set-up, digital photos for advertising, initial property inspection, signage, tenant screening, tenant showings, and advertising for any rent-ready space. Basically, everything needed in order to rent your property!

What if my property does not rent after all your marketing efforts?
If we continue to show your property but do not receive applications, it is likely a result of the properties’ listing price being too high. We will perform a thorough market analysis and provide you with a detailed summary of comparable properties in order for you to make a well educated decision on the new listing price.

When will you start advertising my property?
Your property will be advertised when our office receives a signed Lease Listing Agreement or Property Management Agreement.

What do you look for in a tenant?
We look for income stability and longevity at their prior addresses. We also look for numerous open collection activities or multiple late payments in the last 12 months. We run a criminal background check and verify employment.

Do you collect interest on my rent money?
No. All rent payments go directly into the trust account, which is non-interest bearing. It is illegal to collect interest on these accounts per the California Department of Real Estate.

Do you send me a year-end statement?
Absolutely!  Along with monthly statements, we send a year-end statement for your tax returns in the month of January.

Can I contact the tenants or periodically check on my property?
No. Leases grant your tenants “quiet and undisturbed use” of your property. The tenants have legal possession and there are specific guidelines you must follow in order to enter the property.  Additionally, our office works directly with all owners to coordinate times to view their properties in order for us to remain the main point of contact for all tenants.

Will I get receipts for work that is done on my property?
You will get monthly itemized statements on your property and a copy of all vendor receipts.