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Dental/Medical Leasing

Negotiating a Lease? Don’t let the landlord take advantage of you!

Dentist and Doctors either looking to open their first office or expand their practice to other offices benefit from SaraVita Properties, Inc., dental/medical leasing experience.

When it comes to leasing a dental/medical office, SVP staff will work hand-in-hand with dentists and doctors to gain a comprehensive understanding of their office requirements. Our service-oriented approach ensures that clients are regularly informed of available properties, resulting in a situation that directly aligns with their needs. As your broker, our goal is to accomplish the following services for you:

  • Find the best location for the new office providing demographic statistics as well as information about all the nearby Dental/Medical Offices in a 1 mile and 5 mile radius.
  • Assist in obtaining bids for construction management.
  • Help negotiate lease from start to finish, including:
    • Best Rates and terms;
    • Receive the most build-out allowance for your new office (Tenant Allowance);
    • Receive free rent
    • Analyze the landlord's lease to make sure there are no future or present hidden costs to tenants;
    • Negotiate dentist exclusivity in commercial property if applicable;
    • Assure that the landlord's lease properly reflects what the landlord has agreed to.
    • Negotiate Rights of First Refusal in lease

We also offer these Additional Services available upon request:

  • Provide AutoCAD drawing;
  • Help obtain all permits necessary to opening dental/medical office;
  • Assist in obtaining bids for construction management. Supervise and manage entire construction management project;
  • Assist in getting practice acquisition, SBA Loans, and equipment financing approved at the lowest rate possible.

Why do you need our help?
Now, more than ever, let SVP use our real estate expertise for you. Negotiating a lease is far more complicated than you can ever imagine and your expertise lies elsewhere. Your lease is one of the most important contracts you’ll ever sign. It sets out the rights and obligations that will govern your tenancy forever. At a minimum, a poorly negotiated lease, may result in financial hardship, inconvenience, uncertainty or disruption of your practice. At worst, you could be held hostage by a lease if you haven’t carefully negotiated every aspect of your occupancy. 

We feel confident that you will be satisfied with our service and look forward to meeting with you to discuss the special needs of your property.
For more information about our Dental/Medical Leasing Services, please contact us at (310) 475-5779.