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Residential Property Management

SaraVita Properties, Inc. expertly manages residential properties for all types of ownership scenarios - conventional apartments, single family residences, state tax credit and subsidized, and always with the owner's goals in mind. SVPI currently manages some 75 residential units throughout Southern California. Because SVP is an owner first and a manager it understands the importance of property management. We treat every property individually with the extra attention that an owner would provide.

SVP manages properties under many federal, state and local government subsidy programs, including project-based HUD Section 8 insured under section 221(d)(4); HUD Section 236; and Local Public Housing Authorities Tenant-Based Section 8 Vouchers and Certificates. For all of our properties, SaraVita Properties continually makes recommendations and/or completes projects that have resulted in increased owner returns and property values, while reducing expenses.

Why select SaraVita Properties to manage your residential investment?

  1. SVP will act as a single point of contact, interfacing with tenants, vendors and contractors to provide peace of mind that their needs are being addressed. Our staff of professionals managing residential properties throughout California average 20 years of experience in Residential Property Management. SVP works to achieve balance of the parameters which define successful real estate investment management by providing the expertise and supervision needed to achieve your property goals. We also have a twenty-four hour emergency line.
  2. SVP will maximize profit through deferred maintenance and cost recovery programs as well as reduced vacancy coupled with market value rents.
  3. SVP is a licensed, bonded and insured partner implementing management strategies that minimize liability.
  4. SVP has streamlined the rent collection process, sending detailed monthly invoices to tenants, enforcing late fees, collecting pass-throughs and ensuring consistency for all future payments.
  5. SVP provides concise and accurate financial reporting through Professional Management Software, which is reviewed by a third party Certified Public Accountant. Our property management / accounting software allows us to provide clients with real-time, up-to-date reports on vacancy, lease expiration, rent roll, rent increases, delinquency, receivables, payables, budgeting, balance sheet income, expenses and budget comparison to actual. We deliver accurate, timely reports so our clients are always informed.
  6. SVP has built strong relationships with reputable contractors to provide construction management services that ensure the delivery of property improvements in a timely and cost-efficient manner.
  7. SVP will navigate the entirety of the lease negotiation process to procure a lease that minimizes exposure to risk and maximizes return.
  8. SVP has an unmatched knowledge of the residential market. Our affiliations with leading industry groups and proprietary research places us at the forefront of the trends and data that directly affect the investment.

If you are planning to purchase residential property let SaraVita Properties, Inc put our property management expertise to work for you. SVP’s knowledgeable senior staff has earned its reputation for integrity which ensures that your income property could not be in better hands. We feel confident that you will be satisfied with our service and look forward to meeting with you to discuss the special needs of your property.

Now, more than ever, let SaraVita Properties use our real estate expertise for you.

We feel confident that you will be satisfied with our service and look forward to meeting with you to discuss the special needs of your property.

For more information about our Residential Management Services, please contact us at (310) 475-5779.