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Investment Services

SVP has an active and successful record of acquiring properties both for its own account and that of third parties. This includes commercial, residential and multi-family asset types. The acquisitions are separate into three (3) different categories.

  1. “Core Properties” which consists of properties that are stabilized at the time of acquisition
  2. “Core Plus Properties” which consists of under-performing properties that we believe can be brought to market potential through improved management
  3. “Value-added Properties” which require redevelopment, repositioning and investment to achieve desired returns

Investment Strategy

To Create Value

The essence of SaraVita Properties’s Strategy is to deliberately take risks in order to “create” or "add value”. These risks come in the form of leasing exposure, development or redevelopment by stages, entitlement, change of use or other repositioning to enhance quality and increase income and value.

Quality of Setting and Surroundings
We think that the quality of the setting and surroundings help to create rising and enduring value with an increasing emphasis on mixed use environments that bring work, housing and amenities closer together.

Prudent Diversification
We try to be diversified geographically and to build a strong recurring cash flow as a defensive measure.

Strong Local Partners

We work with strong proven, local entrepreneurs in their specific field which enables us to move nimbly between the various land uses.

Deep, Supply Constrained Markets

Our primary focus geographically is on the major deep knowledge-based and supply constrained markets of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, San Diego and Las Vegas.

Realized Gain

Having created or added value, we then seek to realize the gain on a selective and opportunistic basis through sale.

Now, more than ever, let SaraVita Properties use our real estate expertise for you.

For more information about SaraVita Properties's Investment Services, please contact us at (310) 475-5779.