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Industrial Property Management

SVP's commercial property management division manages a portfolio of more than 500,000 square feet of commercial space throughout Los Angeles County. We continue to grow this portfolio through a strict adherence to hands-on client service and a proven track record. Our innovative and rigorous commercial property management strategies help real estate owners reduce their operating costs and enhance property values—all while maintaining a superior work environment for tenants. Utilizing our experienced professionals, proven systems and advanced technology, we design and develop comprehensive, property-specific plans to meet the needs and objectives of each client.

Why select SaraVita Properties to manage your investment?

  1. SVP will act as a single point of contact, interfacing with tenants, vendors and contractors to provide peace of mind that their needs are being addressed.
  2. SVP will maximize profit through deferred maintenance and cost recovery programs as well as reduced vacancy coupled with market value rents.
  3. SVP is a licensed, bonded and insured partner implementing management strategies that minimize liability.
  4. SVP has streamlined the rent collection process, sending detailed monthly invoices to tenants, enforcing late fees, collecting pass-throughs and ensuring consistency for all future payments.
  5. SVP provides concise and accurate financial reporting through Professional Management Software, which is reviewed by a third party Certified Public Accountant.
  6. SVP has built strong relationships with reputable contractors to provide construction management services that ensure the delivery of property improvements in a timely and cost-efficient manner.
  7. SVP will navigate the entirety of the lease negotiation process to procure a lease that minimizes exposure to risk and maximizes return.
  8. SVP will actively participate in the preservation of the asset through consistent maintenance and upkeep.
  9. SVP has an unmatched knowledge of the commercial market. Our affiliations with leading industry groups and proprietary research places us at the forefront of the trends and data that directly affect the investment.

Now, more than ever, let SaraVita Properties use our real estate expertise for you.

We feel confident that you will be satisfied with our service and look forward to meeting with you to discuss the special needs of your property.

For more information about SaraVita Properties's Commercial Management Services, please contact us at (310) 475-5779.