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We Are The Best Source To Give You the Information You Need Now To Make An Informed Decision About Your Property.

No matter your role, SaraVita Properties can provide a seamless solution through its fully integrated commercial and residential property services.

SaraVita Properties’s professionals offer the following specialized services to clients which can be bundled or implemented separately.

Property Diagnostic Services
Our comprehensive property diagnostic services review all aspects of a property, including its physical and financial operations, existing debt, management, leasing strategy, market position, ownership goals, exit strategy and opinion of value. Based on findings, SVP will make recommendations to stabilize/maximize cash flow, minimize losses, strategically and aggressively market property to procure tenants, retain tenants, optimize operations/management, reposition asset, achieve ownership goals, and increase exit strategy value.

Property Condition Reports
Our property condition reports review all physical aspects of a property including short term and long term items that need to be addressed as they relate to the goals of the ownership.

Broker Price Opinion / Valuation Services
Our Broker Price Opinion can provide the value range for an asset to assist clients in their decision making process. SVP will underwrite the property including the review of the market, recent and relevant sale comparables, a discounted cash flow analysis using Excel modeling if needed, and the capital markets environment. Depending on the scope of the valuation services needed, the turnaround time can be less than 24 hours. If an appraisal is required, SVP will coordinate the appraisal process utilizing the most qualified appraiser for the property.

Market Analysis
Our market analysis services review the micro and macro markets that a property is situated in to determine asset position in the marketplace. The results of the analysis will help to understand where transaction variables, including lease rates, lease terms, and property values are in today’s market and where they are trending to in the future.

Due Diligence

Our due diligence services assist investors in the acquisition of property and include tenant lease reviews, analyses of vendor contracts, preparation of pro-forma, property operating budgets, assessments of operating cost escalation billings, and property operation reviews.

Consultation Work
Since clients may require specialized consultative work regarding their property, SVP is flexible and nimble to tailor its services to fit the needs of our clients.

Receivership Services

Our Receivership Services for real estate provides an integrated platform to transition, manage, lease, reposition, and dispose of a property while maintaining a single point of contact and centralized oversight of the assignment. Because property management is a core business, we have the expertise to quickly take control of each asset and develop tailored solutions to transition, manage, lease, reposition, and dispose of troubled or foreclosed assets.

Asset Lifecycle
The lifecycle of a commercial or residential real estate asset is comprised of four distinct phases. The initial asset phase is Acquisition, followed by Debt Placement, Value Stabilization/Maximization and Disposition. These four phases are integrated to form the Asset Lifecycle where the outcomes of decisions made in one phase affect how decisions are made in the others. With the relaxed credit markets and increased demand for assets in the first half of the decade, asset values grew dramatically and owners placed emphasis on the Disposition, Acquisition, and Debt Placement phases. As we move into a period of economic uncertainty, owners are facing numerous asset challenges and focusing their efforts on the Value Stabilization/Maximization phase in order to retain the gains previously achieved by preventing or limiting asset value loss.

Now, more than ever, let SaraVita Properties use our real estate expertise for you.

We feel confident that you will be satisfied with our service and look forward to meeting with you to discuss the special needs of your property. For more information about SaraVita Properties's Consulting Services, please contact us at (310) 475-5779.