Century City Getting 10 New Single-Family Houses For 42 Total

10 New Single-Family Houses in Century City

Fun fact: there are only 32 free-standing single-family houses in Century City (at least according to a developer). They’re all in the gated Century Woods, home to the aging doyennes of the Westside, and now developer California Landmark Group is planning to add 10 more (the complex also has 48 condos already). CLG is working on several far-flung projects, from Larchmont to northern Hollywood to Brentwood; now they’ve just picked up 1.75 acres at Century Park West and Solar Way, according to the LA Times. The new houses will be two stories and about 5,000 square feet each, and should go for “millions of dollars apiece.” Work is expected to be finished by the end of 2014.

Author: Curbed LA – Adrian Glick Kudler


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10000 Santa Monica Boulevard in Century City – It’s No Nouvel, But 10000 Santa Monica Plans Are Unveiled

Century City’s 40-Story 10000 Santa Monica Site Getting Active

Behold the latest plans for 10000 Santa Monica Boulevard in Century City. Yesterday, Miami-based developer Crescent Heights submitted paperwork to the city’s Planning Department for a 283-unit condo tower, a move that starts the entitlement process.
Exact details of the project are still being worked out, but the proposed building is 460 feet, so depending on the units’ ceiling heights, the tower will be anywhere from 35 stories to 40 stories. No architect has been announced and this rendering is purely a placeholder.

Originally, a leafy Jean Nouvel-designed building was planned at this corner, but the 2.4 acre site was sold last fall to Crescent Heights for $59 million following the Lehman Brothers meltdown.

And if Century City can kick off some nasty developer vs. homeowner battles, so far the project has the support of activists like Mike Eveloff, president of Tract 7260, which represents numerous homeowner groups. From conversations with the developer, Eveloff said it’s his understanding that no variances will be sought for the tower. He also believes the units are going to be priced in a range (documents submitted to the city say the units will average $1.5 million) that will allow those who work in Century City–the lawyers, CAA agents–to be able to buy in the tower. Additionally, as proposed, no retail is planned in the project, which means the area won’t be overwhelmed with car trips, according to Eveloff. “If you look at the nature of this project, the amount of traffic is negligible,” he said.

Author: Curbed LA – By Dakota Smith

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New SVP Designed Therapist Suites

The demand for commercial office space in West Los Angeles is changing. Many professionals and small firms are beginning to emulate the entertainment and I.T. industry trends of shifting from traditional private offices to creative/flexible office space. Although adaptability to new waves of market demand are essential for any property management company, advantages also emerge from the ability to recognize stable demand in an evolving market.

While analyzing market/submarket trends, SVP quickly noticed the limited supply of secure therapist executive suites. However, it is also important to explore the associated niche factors that influence the ROI and project manageability when recognizing such trends. In doing so, we were able to transform three long years of vacant space into a highly desirable commodity. In fact, through strategic target marketing we were able to lease almost 50% of the space within one week of the initial idea!

Now under construction, and with space deliverable by June 1st, 2013, our therapist suites feature: 7 spacious private offices, a secure waiting room with light status system, separate entry and exit, elegantly designed interiors, conference room accessibility, and much more!

Check out our Therapist Executive Suite Brochure to learn more…




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Remodel of 4th Floor National Complete

The 4th floor renovation of the 10801 National Building recently reached completion at the end of January.    The renovation of the 4th floor, updated the drastically out-dated look to a modern and exciting interior space; see the before and after photos below. The floor received new tiles, carpet, wallpaper, raised ceilings, and lighting; which the tenants of the floor and their guests have been enjoying. Currently, SaraVita only has the 3rd floor left to remodel, which will take place in the near future.



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2 More West Los Angeles Buildings to SVP’s Property Management Portfolio.

SaraVita Properties added 2 more buildings to our property management portfolio last month. Check out the newest additions below:
2628 Kansas Avenue – HOA – 22-unit condominium building.
5363 Venice Boulevard – Property Management – 6,000 square foot commercial/auto repair property in a great location and space to work with.
SaraVita is now working with the owners of each of these buildings to provide Monthly Statements to all Owners and create management plans that are custom fit to each persons needs.  Keep an eye out for new properties coming in the near future.
SaraVita Properties manages office, HOA, and apartment buildings. We are always looking to expand our property management portfolio. For more information about SaraVita Properties management and leasing services, please contact us at (310)475-5779.
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Washington Boulevard to Add Three Mixed-Use Buildings

Gentrification is an attempt to cause residential shifts in a neighborhoods population through the use of urban planning, increased rents, increased taxes, and various other measures. It is often performed by increasing of the appeal of a neighborhood through private or public projects and often referred to as creating strategic development in low income neighborhoods with the intent of bringing in higher income tenants and more development from others. While gentrification is not always successful, it is being attempted near Washington and Inglewood Boulevards by Canadian-based firm, Bastion Development Corp.

According to Bastion Development’s website, “At Bastion Development Corporation, our strength is creating exceptional properties in exceptional locations.” The neighborhood may not be exceptional at the moment, but with BDC’s three mixed-used projects scheduled to be placed between Lincoln and Inglewood, it may be a start to getting there with these planned 149 apartments and additional commercial units. This area, is certainly something to keep an eye on in the near future.

Source: http://la.curbed.com/archives/2013/01/developer_attempting_washington_blvd_gentrification_in_culver_city_with_3_mixeduse_buildings.php#50fde4c2f92ea168fd0436ae

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Grand Avenue Redevelopment Continues

Planned Grand Avenue Development – Parcel M
Image courtesy of LA.Curbed.com

The first of the scheduled ‘mega developments’ on Grand Avenue broke ground yesterday, January 11, 2013.  The new project, a 19-story apartment building (pictured above), is located on Parcel M of the Grand Avenue redevelopment area. The building is designed by Arquitectonia and is a large rectangular building with varying window sizes.  Grand Avenue is no stranger to redevelopment projects, projects have been in the works for sometime now, initially kicking off with the development of the Grand Park and the Broad Art Museum (pictured below), which is located immediately adjacent to this site.  

Broad Art Museum
Image courtesy of broadartfoundation.org/

Although the city redevelopment agency may no longer exist, one thing is for sure, the redevelopment of Los Angeles will continue well into the future. The Parcel M building is set to open before the end of 2014.

Source: http://la.curbed.com/archives/2013/01/the_grand_avenue_projects_first_building_broke_ground_today.php

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Happy Holidays

The SaraVita Team wishes you a happy holidays.

Click the picture below to enlarge and search for the hidden links to holiday goodies.

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Tech Corridor Announced Along Expo Line

Mayor Villaraigosa announced today, that the new expo line would serve as a technology corridor by creating “innovation hubs” along the line.  This comes just two weeks after the Mayor announced plans to encourage transit-oriented development around the new expo line stations. It appears the Mayor is targeting the expo light rail line to improve and spur investment in the areas surrounding the corridor. The Mayor hopes to turn LA into an innovation capital, by offering tax incentives and offering up city-owned land to create the hubs. Refer to the graphic below to find, where some of these opportunities are offered.

Source: http://la.curbed.com/archives/2012/12/la_announces_texpo_line_tech_corridor_along_the_expo_line.php

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Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you a safe and happy Thanksgiving with those that matter the most from SaraVita Properties.

Hint: Click the picture below to enlarge and search for the hidden links to SaraVita’s favorite Thanksgiving recipes and more.



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